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Download Windows 2003 and 2008 32 bit

Download Windows 2008 64 bit

To upgrade to Good for Enterprise 6.x, an additional license key is required for the Good Mobile Control server. This license key has been distributed to your company's Good Licensing Portal. If you do not have the license key, please contact Good Customer Care at 1-866-7-BEGOOD or

This download package includes:
  • Good Messaging Server (
  • Good Mobile Control (
We recommend that you review the following documentation prior to installation: [ For Good Mobile Messaging 5.0.4 Download Click Here ]
[ For Good Mobile Messaging 4.9.3 Download Click Here ]

Download Installing Good Mobile Messaging 6.0.1 from an SD Card
  • You can install Good Mobile Messaging Client 6.0.1 on your devices from an SD card with this package

Download Installing Good Mobile Messaging 5.1 from an SD Card (Nokia Only)
  • Good Mobile Messaging Client for Symbian OS Devices (5.1.1)
Access to the release of Good for Enterprise software from this website is limited to licensed users of Good's software. Downloading this software without a license is illegal and could subject you to civil and criminal liability under the federal copyright law.