Good Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Your data is safe. Good is prepared.

Blackouts. Earthquakes. Health pandemics. Network connectivity issues. All have the devastating potential to wipe out your mobile corporate data. But not with Good. Good Technology's NOC is prepared to keep your data completely safe during disasters. We're here to help you recover quickly.

Here are a few reasons why we're the secure choice for your data:

  • With our two redundant Network Operations Centers, mature operations infrastructure, and global Customer Service organization—along with our skilled and talented engineering team—we are well-positioned to be the mobile security platform of choice for any business relying on true and proven recovery capabilities.
  • Our NOC system provides more flexibility, availability, and cost savings than native Microsoft Exchange and Exchange ActiveSync, especially as data plans become more metered.
  • We designed and implemented a well-optimized data replication technology to enable near real-time data synchronization between our two Data Centers.
  • We conduct disaster recovery tests on a regular basis to ensure a quick response to any situation. We stringently prepare for various disaster scenarios and work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your data will always be safe and available.
  • Our worldwide team is well-trained to deal with uncertainty and crises quickly and effectively. Even remotely.
  • We are always in the process of identifying better replication technology intended to reduce overall recovery time.