Analyst White Papers

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software.
Gartner Magic Quadrants are the most influential industry analyst reports published today. Good Technology is honored to be positioned as a leader of Gartner's very first Mobile Device Management Software Magic Quadrant.

Best Practices for Supporting "Bring Your Own" Mobile Devices
"Bring your own" programs for mobile devices demand new support processes and a support organization with new skills.

The Impact of App Stores on Your Application Strategy
A sleek, well-stocked app store is a prerequisite for success in today's consumer mobile device market. IT leaders looking to replicate the app store experience for enterprise applications must first consider the impact to their application strategy.

Seven Steps to Planning and Developing a Superior Mobile Device Policy
Given the rapid changes in the mobile device market, every organization needs to have a policy in place for use of mobile devices, and must periodically review and update this policy.

Yankee Group - Latest Enterprise Mobility Survey: Sometimes Less Control Means More Productivity
The right mobile devices provided to the right employee segments can dramatically boost productivity. Letting employees choose their own devices can gain your company even greater returns. Finally: Meeting employees halfway on carrier bills is one of the best things you can do for business. Read all about it in the new Yankee Group Mobility Report.

Good White Papers

Good Dynamics Whitepaper
Mobility has become synonymous with productivity in the modern enterprise. Everyday business routines have been transformed by the ability to remotely access mission-critical corporate information from the road. Because mobile workers are always connected, highly pragmatic, independent, and demanding, enterprise application developers are constantly challenged with having to deliver secure mobile applications quickly enough to satisfy the needs of their end users. This whitepaper shows you how to effectively negotiate ensuring enterprise app security while maintaining the velocity required in today's enterprise.

Bring Your Own Devices Best Practices Guide: A Practical Guide for Implementing BYOD Programs at Your Organization
The consumerization of IT is coming to your business. It’s a given that employees will either bring their own smartphones and tablets into the workplace or will want to work on these devices when away from the office. This trend has created new opportunities and challenges for IT managers, CIOs, and security professionals, who need to find a way to serve internal customers with simple, easy-to-manage, secure mobility solutions. This report will help you maintain control over corporate data security and provide a user experience that fosters happy and productive employees.

Data Loss Prevention Whitepaper: When Mobile Device Management Isn't Enough
Organizations are turning to Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to better secure, monitor, manage and support the variety of mobile devices used by their employees. However, in many instances, MDM alone is not enough to prevent data loss. This paper presents Good for Enterprise and its unique approach to managing security on mobile devices, which does address some of the shortcomings of an MDM-only strategy.

Increasingly On the Go: Mobility Compliance in Regulated Industries
Learn how financial institutions, healthcare companies, government agencies, and other regulated entities maintain successful—and compliant—mobile deployments.

Securing Business Mobility
Managing mobility is an ever increasing challenge, especially as more and more users demand support for popular new platforms and devices. Good for Enterprise™ provides critical security and management features that allow corporate IT to secure and control the most popular devices on the market. You can rest easy with over-the-air and on-device encryption of enterprise data, remote application password policies, and remote wipe of enterprise data across a wide range of handsets including the newest Apple and Android devices.

Managing the Mobile Enterprise
A guide for creating effective enterprise wireless strategies. The key to turning wireless information access into a strategic IT initiative that delivers tangible ROI is developing an enterprise wireless information access strategy. Building such a strategy requires the cooperation of IT and business managers who together determine how wireless information access can be used to improve productivity, customer responsiveness and other key metrics within their business.

Best Practices for Globally Deploying Wireless Messaging
This paper describes the key issues a multi-national enterprise needs to consider when determining the requirements for deploying a global wireless messaging project. The paper also describes how Good Mobile Messaging and Good Mobile Control, components of the Good for Enterprise™ solution, address those key issues, and finally, provides two case studies of recent Good Technology customer deployments.