Mobile Device Security

Securing Mobile Devices

Good for Enterprise provides end-to-end mobile security, with FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic libraries for data in transit, as well as data stored on users' devices.

Because Good for Enterprise is a securely contained environment, all data is encrypted end-to-end from the corporate server via Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino. Employees have open access to all their personal apps on their smartphones, but all enterprise data is secured within the Good for Enterprise containerized application. Outside of the application, business and personal data don't mix, avoiding potential enterprise data leakage. The Good for Enterprise user experience stays consistent across multiple platforms: security policies are consistently applied regardless of what is available in the underlying operating system.

Secure Device Management

Good's mobile security technology protects end-to-end transmissions—as well as external storage cards, and any data at rest on the device. By providing security and management at the application level, IT can manage smart devices remotely and even remotely lock down hardware components including cameras, Bluetooth, and IR ports. New temporary passwords can be pushed to the handheld, and enterprise data on lost or stolen devices can be remotely erased. Additional mobile device management capabilities—to avoid data loss—include preventing cut/copy/paste from within Good's application, or preventing SMS messages from being sent from Good's application. If a smart-device user tries to send an email to an unauthorized recipient, the app can issue a warning.

Protecting Enterprise Data

Within the Good for Enterprise application, a secure browser enables employees to access corporate resources (like an Intranet; and document repositories like Sharepoint, Wikis, or dashboards) behind the firewall without enabling VPN. That means the corporate network and its proprietary data are never exposed to unsecured consumer apps.

Over The Air Transmissions

Mobile security requires that IT managers deploy wireless solutions without compromising their existing security infrastructure. Good starts with patented end-to-end security that contains corporate data along every phase of its delivery to devices. Over-the-air transmissions and enterprise data-at-rest are all secured with industry-leading AES-192 encryption. All Good servers are deployed behind the firewall with a secure outbound connection using standard port 443 (Good never requires inbound connections or firewall configuration changes). Because corporate data stays strongly protected within the existing infrastructure, there's no need to change firewall settings or set-up new inbound connections.