Mobile Collaboration

Extensive Mobile Collaboration

Beyond mobile device security, Good for Enterprise includes features to facilitate collaboration and productivity among your mobile workforce. Employees can access the information they need, anytime, anywhere using Good's proven and secure architecture to support and track mobile connections to critical data. An award-winning user interface combined with a secure, easy-to-manage mobile messaging solution makes employees more productive and IT more efficient, all with a low total cost of ownership.

Improve employee productivity with real-time, mobile access to corporate email, calendar, contacts and more. In addition, users can access a secure catalog of custom enterprise applications from within the Good for Enterprise application. They receive notifications when new enterprise applications are available for download.

Personal Information Management (PIM)

The Good for Enterprise messaging system delivers a mobile experience that not only makes users productive, but also makes mobile security and management a breeze for IT to implement across all leading devices. Good's award-winning solution provides an intuitive user interface that ensures reduction in training and support costs while allowing employees to personalize the way they view, prioritize, and find information in their corporation.

Secure Mobile Access to Corporate Networks

Good safely and easily provides secure access to web-enabled corporate applications behind the firewall, such as corporate intranets, management dashboards, Wikis, and document repositories. Designed to mobilize applications quickly and cost-effectively, Good's secure browser does not require complicated VPNs or proprietary SDKs to develop and deploy mobile applications.

Seamless, Integrated User Experience

The Good for Enterprise browser delivers a safe, intelligent user experience. Employees can launch our secure browser directly from the Good launcher bar, as well as through links included in emails. Links to public websites will automatically launch the native browser. Browser information (e.g., cache, browsing history, bookmarks) and downloaded files are encrypted inside the Good application. When the remote-wipe command is issued, corporate browsing data is erased, while personal browsing data is kept intact. All of this helps maintain separation between corporate and personal browsing.

Data Loss Prevention During Collaboration

Connecting the mobile workforce to corporate networks, social websites, and SaaS applications opens up new channels for data loss. Good applies the same strict levels of end-to-end security to prevent data leakage during mobile collaboration as it does when protecting messages. But by creating a clean separation of enterprise and personal data—including browser cache, bookmarks, history and downloaded files—Good achieves the same level of security, control, and data loss prevention for intranet and enterprise-app access as we do for messaging.