Good Mobile UI-Less™

Power In A Social Media Development Platform

Good Mobile UI-Less is a powerful, highly customizable software system that provides push two-way communication for email, contacts, calendar, social networking, and media sharing across a variety of mobile devices and platforms.

  • No dependency on UI allows the partner to focus on the most compelling user experience for their market and customers
  • Reduced bandwidth usage and increased battery life through an optimized mobile communication protocol
  • A communication system that prevents device updates by implementing most online source changes at the NOC
  • Support for strong end-to-end encryption or strong link-by-link encryption when end-to-end security is not available
  • A modular system that allows customers to pick and choose only needed functionality
  • A standards-based, OS-independent implementation that can be easily integrated with most systems, proprietary or standard

Good Mobile UI Less includes:

  • Good Mobile Embedded
    Good Mobile Embedded™ provides device manufacturers a platform agnostic system supporting full push-synchronization, data compression and power efficiency for a broad range of online services like Email, Contacts, Calendar, Social Networks, Media Sharing and more.
  • Good Mobile Social Networking APIs
    Good Mobile Social Networking APIs enable you to efficiently create and deploy popular social networking services quickly and effectively within your own branded client environment.