Good Mobile Email™

Good Mobile Email is an easy-to-use mobile email product that syncs corporate and Internet email accounts constantly, without cables or cradles, through a completely secure and custom social media environment. Employees are connected to their information when they need it, communicating with the important people in their lives wherever they go, and sharing data with the convenience that only mobility brings.

Good Mobile Email uses the patented Good ConstantSync™ technology to continuously sync customer email to their devices. The application is packed full of features they can use to customize their mobile email experience.

With Good Mobile Email, consumers can access multiple email accounts, including the most popular Internet email such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN/Hotmail, and MS Exchange— each with a separate mailbox on the device.

  • Sync contacts and calendar with full PIM integration via Microsoft Exchange.
  • Allow customers to set the days and hours when email is delivered, to fit lifestyle patterns and manage data plan costs.
  • Push email on the world's most popular devices, including Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Java.
  • Offers full support for attachments, with the ability to selectively download them.
  • View rich email content, with full support for HTML email.

Good Mobile Exchange Access

Good Mobile Exchange Access complements the Good for Enterprise™ product. Users stay on top of all their information no matter where they are. Good Mobile Exchange Access™ provides full synchronization of email, contacts, and calendar entries with Microsoft Exchange, via Good ConstantSync.

Good ConstantSync offers a seamless customer experience, allowing continuous push of email and personal information to the device. Because Good Mobile Exchange Access is easy to set up and use, there's no need to involve the IT department or install any extra software on the customer's computer.

Individuals, small businesses, and hosted providers can use Good Mobile Exchange Access to quickly and easily set up mobile access to MS Exchange without installing extra software or servers. Larger companies that require enhanced security, device management and control, and application access can deploy Good for Enterprise and continue providing service to their employees with an even richer messaging and calendaring experience.

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