Good for You™

Custom social media experiences for the mobile lifestyle

Good for You™ extends secure mobile communications well beyond email—it ensures privacy and productivity throughout your entire integrated social messaging experience. It’s more than a social media development platform for enterprise. It's a suite of mobile device offerings to let employees safely connect with friends, family, and colleagues in real time through email, social networking, SMS, IM, and photo sharing—all while using minimal device and network resources.

With the Good for You social media development platform, Good Technology brings greater convenience and functionality to mobile media and worldwide social networks. It works on hundreds of popular handsets, including Android, J2ME, Windows Mobile®, BREW®, Symbian, and can be embedded for other device operating systems.

Good Mobile Email
Good Mobile Email™ is an easy-to-use mobile email product that syncs corporate and Internet email accounts constantly, without cables or cradles. Customers can access multiple email accounts, including the most popular Internet email such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, WIndows live, and Microsoft Exchange.

Good Mobile Social Networking
With Good Mobile Social Networking™, a customer's entire social network is at their fingertips, instantly connecting them to friends and colleagues in a whole new way. Good Mobile Social Networking creates a complete interactive experience involving the world's most popular social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more.

Good Mobile Instant Messaging
Good Mobile Instant Messaging™ provides robust, on-the-go instant messaging services with full access to buddy lists, multiple IM chats, and background operation. The application keeps customers connected to their contacts—including those through popular messaging providers such as Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Chat, and more.

Good Mobile UI-Less
Good Mobile UI-Less enables device manufacturers to differentiate online services through unique customer experiences. Good Mobile UI-Less solutions provide complete access to a rich array of online services, while retaining complete control over the custom social media experience on the device.

Good for You is available through leading mobile service providers. Click here for a list of service providers.