Good for Government™

Secure Microsoft Exchange on iPhones and Androids

Looking for military-grade security in enterprise-class mobile email and personal information management for Microsoft Exchange? Good for Government brings the highest level of encryption, full visibility, and web-based manageability to mobile device deployments used in all critical communications with constituents, vendors, and other agencies. Users benefit from enterprise-class messaging and secure access to behind-the-firewall data and applications, while IT can secure mobile devices and manage its fleet deployment from a simple Web-based console. Good for Government includes Good Mobile Control, Good Mobile Messaging, and Good Mobile Access. Good Mobile Messaging S/MIME is available for agencies that require a superior level of end-to-end security.

Military-Grade Mobile Security

While every government agency communication calls for exceptional standards of protection, Good for Government provides an additional layer of confidentiality and privacy that's been put to use at agencies like the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Government agencies and their employees experience improved productivity with the ability to compose, send, receive, and read encrypted and/or signed email messages from a mobile device, thanks to a component called Good Mobile Messaging S/MIME.

Good Mobile Messaging S/MIME is a wireless email solution that extends security benefits such as authentication, non-repudiation, privacy, and integrity of email. It features:

  • Bluetooth and USB Common Access Card support that simplifies compliance with security directives with a simple 3-click CAC pairing process.
  • Public Key Infrastructure support that works with the DoD PKI.
  • Certificate verification that reduces bandwidth and device process load with automatic, server-based certificate verification.
  • At the same time, those charged with securing and managing a mobile fleet work within a simple web-based architecture that enables complete visibility into all activated devices.

Secured Smartphones, Simplified Set-Up

As part of the Good for Government solution, the Good Mobile Messaging S/MIME component also includes the award-winning, intuitive user interface that simplifies set-up and use and is optimized for use on Windows Mobile smartphones. Moreover, users can personalize the way they view, prioritize and find information, and select RSS news feeds to stay up-to-date with the information they always want to have current.

Additional Information

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