Good Dynamics™

Shield your enterprise mobile apps from threats.

As security concerns related to mobile devices increase, regulation and compliance have become a greater concern for organizations struggling to build their own mobile applications.

Containerize before you mobilize

Good Dynamics mobile application platform offers a trusted and efficient way to develop secure iOS applications. Good Dynamics helps mobile app developers build secure applications without slowing down development projects—by allowing developers to incorporate Good's proven security technology into their own apps, including:

  • Secure container
  • Strong encryption
  • Secure network operations center (NOC)
  • Secure remote application management
  • Application level security policies

It's the same technology used in our popular Good for Enterprise application that's been delivering secure mobile device management and collaboration to Fortune 500 corporations and U.S. defense departments—helping IT administrators monitor and remotely manage large mobile fleets worldwide.

Get the Code That Contains

By utilizing Good's secure container technology to wrap your enterprise's apps, developers minimize application data loss while respecting your users' privacy. Good's technology separates work data from personal data in a secure container (leveraging FIPS-certified cryptographic libraries), and minimizes data loss by enforcing security policies.

These include: encryption of application data on the device, prevention of cut/copy/paste of application data to unapproved consumer applications, and detection and remediation of jailbroken or rooted devices. Application data wipes can be executed remotely, leaving personal information intact—even when employees are using today's popular smartphones and tablets, like iPhones and iPads.

Secure Application Connection

With Good Dynamics, your enterprise apps connect to Good's security NOC before connecting to your network, so there's no need to punch holes in your firewall or use a VPN connection. Application data sent over-the-air is protected with strong encryption.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Development

Good Dynamics supports apps on popular iOS devices (whether corporate-liable or employee-owned) resulting in faster programming, testing and implementation. Whether your enterprise developers deploy traditional client/server or cloud-based iOS applications, the Good Dynamics platform quickly scales as your application user base grows and your mobile initiatives expand. So your application can keep pace. While incurring little or no overhead.

Good Dynamics Network

The Good Dynamics Network online community gives mobile application developers direct access to the Good Dynamics SDK, tools, and peer experts to assist as they build, test, and deploy secure mobile apps.