Securing enterprise mobile.
Delivering secure development platforms.

At Good Technology, our mission is clear: Secure the enterprise applications your mobile workforce uses, protecting both the integrity of your enterprise and the privacy of your employees. As well: Deliver secure application development platforms for both custom social environments and mobile application development. Our products combine the highest levels of compliance with an exceptional user experience across a broad range of popular devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad and Android.

Our product families include:

  • Good Dynamics, the first mobile application platform that empowers enterprise developers and ISVs to create secure mobile applications.
  • Good for Enterprise, a suite of productivity and management tools that allow you to provide secure access to enterprise data and applications to all your mobile workers.
  • Good for Government extends the Good for Enterprise toolset with S-MIME and CAC Card Support.
  • Good for OEMs/Carriers enables our partners to create unique, integrated social messaging experiences for their customers.

Good Dynamics

Presenting the first mobile application platform that lets developers build secure, containerized iOS apps for leading consumer mobile devices.

"The company is supporting the phones everyone wants to use iPhone and Android."

Sherri Houmadi, Perkins+Will