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Good Technology Enables Enterprise App Access with Secure Mobile Browser

  • 'Good Mobile Access' Provides Enterprises with Secure Access to Web-Enabled Applications and Collaboration Tools

REDWOOD SHORES, CA — MARCH 23, 2011 — Good Technology, the leader in multiplatform enterprise mobility, today announced that its Good for Enterprise product will now include a secure Web browser that allows mobile users to access Intranets and other Web-enabled enterprise applications such as management dashboards, IT monitoring portals, wikis and document repositories. Included as part of the Good for Enterprise offering, the addition of the Good Mobile Access secure Web browser is the company's latest enhancement for enterprise apps and collaboration beyond email.

The secure Web browser is currently available for iOS devices 4.0 and higher (e.g., iPhone and iPad) and Microsoft Exchange platforms. Additional platforms are expected to roll out in the coming months.

"With the release of Good Mobile Access, we’re boosting enterprise productivity by enabling secure mobile access to Intranets, Web-enabled enterprise applications and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Sharepoint," said John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy for Good Technology. "After messaging and PIM access, our customers' most critical need is for secure access to their existing Intranets and Web-enabled apps. With Good Mobile Access our customers can now achieve the same level of security, control, and data loss prevention for Intranet and enterprise apps access as they do for messaging, without adding any new infrastructure, or exposing their networks, apps, or data to external threats."

Good Mobile Access offers the following key features:

  • Secure Browser
    • Mobile access to Web-enabled applications and resources behind the corporate firewall
    • Seamless user experience with integration to the Good for Enterprise application via browser icon in the Good launcher bar and directly from links embedded in emails
  • Security
    • Clean separation of enterprise from personal data, including browser cache, bookmarks, history and downloaded files
    • Encryption of browser cache, bookmarks, history and downloaded files inside Good’s secure enterprise container
    • Remote wipe of browser cache, bookmarks, history and downloaded files
    • No inbound firewall holes
    • No extra mobile VPN infrastructure or new DMZ elements
    • End-to-end encryption of over-the-air data
  • Management
    • A single, integrated, Web-based management console
    • Over-the-air policies including ability to specify approved domains the user is allowed to access

About Good Technology
Good Technology, the leader in multiplatform enterprise mobility, combines enterprise-grade mobile security and control with an exceptional user experience for messaging and collaboration that allows users to connect and collaborate on their devices of choice. Good opens new possibilities for enterprises, government agencies, and end users to maximize business and personal productivity by providing secure, easy-to-use, and instant mobile access to data, applications and services on hundreds of mobile devices. For more information, visit the Good website at

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