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HitExchange Panel: Infusion of BYOD into Healthcare
Video Article / Date: HitExchange - March 2012
Would clinicians rather use their own tablets at work, or use facility-provided tablets? Among BYOD tablets, is Android surpassing iOS, or no? What about clinician smartphone use—which OS brand is ahead there? Get answers to these questions and more when you join Dimitri Volkmann, Good VP of Enterprise Product Strategy, and two esteemed healthcare colleagues in this panel discussion.

Good Technology Adds Secure Android Browser to Enterprise Platform
Publication / Date: Security Week - March 2012
Good Technology, a provider of mobile device security and management solutions for enterprises, today launched a secure browser for Android devices designed to provide secure access to enterprise resources via mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management
Publication / Date: Government Technology - March 2012
A number of jurisdictions are considering or currently implementing a mobile device management platform to outsource many of the complexities of managing personally owned devices.

Good Technology's Device Activation Data on Bloomberg TV’s 'Inside Track with Erik Schatzker'
Video Article / Date: Bloombert TV - March 2012
In this segment, Bloomberg TV anchors discuss Apple revenues generated by iPad sales and which industries are most likely to use the device within their enterprise. Show anchors reference and display data from Good Technology's device activation report stating that "the Financial Services industry had the highest enterprise activations (with 42%) and use the device as the new 'ideal toy'."

Android, Apple Move to the Office
Publication / Date: The Wall Street Journal Digits Blog - February 2012
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, all eyes are fixed on the consumer market for new smartphones and tablets. But such devices are increasingly finding their way into companies and governments, as employees demand to have the same features on the devices they use for work.

Microsoft signs up Good Technology to encrypt email on Windows Phone 7.5
Publication / Date: The Inquirer - February 2012
Microsoft has signed a deal with Good Technology to bring end-to-end email encryption to Windows Phone 7.5.

Microsoft Windows Phone Encryption Coming From Good Technology
Publication / Date: eWeek - February 2012
Microsoft and Good Technology are partnering for a Windows Phone solution that includes FIPS-certified 192 bit AES encryption.

Good Technology Partners with Microsoft and Nokia on Windows Phone 7 and WP7.5 Mobile Enterprise
Publication / Date: Mobile Enterprise Staff - February 2012
Microsoft and Good Technology have announced a strategic application partnership to enable the use of the Good for Enterprise solution on Windows Phone devices. Good will provide FIPS-certified 192 bit AES encryption for end-to-end mobile messaging for the Windows Phone platform to enable secured accessing of corporate data using Good for Enterprise.

Government Mobility Conference Interview with John Herrema
Video Article / Date: - February 2012
John Herrema interview at the Government Mobility Conference in Sacramento on February 8, 2012 by Christina Gagnier of

The new BYOD: Businesses are now driving adoption
Publication / Date: InfoWorld - December 2011
Savvy companies aren't waiting for users to bring in their own smartphones and tablets — they're encouraging it.

Finance, healthcare jobs most likely to allow personal iPhones, iPads
Publication / Date: GigaOM - December 2011
Good Technology's first BYOD report finds finance and healthcare among top industries embracing consumerization of IT by securing employee-owned mobile devices.

Engineering firm Babcock selects mobile device management from Good Technology
Publication / Date: SC Magazine - December 2011
The UK's leading engineering support services organisation has selected mobile device management from Good Technology for its 27,000 strong workforce.

Babcock encrypts personal mobiles with Good Technology
Publication / Date: - December 2011
Engineering support services organisation Babcock has chosen to deploy Good Technology for its enterprise mobile solution.

Endorsing B.Y.O.D.: Save Money, Gain Productivity
Publication / Date: Securities Technology Monitor - November 2011
So why aren't you encouraging your employees to bring their own devices to work? You'll save money. Gain productivity. At, quite literally, their expense.

iOS, Android to get federal-strength authentication
Publication / Date: InfoWorld - November 2011
Businesses also gain a new Android app management and provisioning tool.

Smartphones at Work: BlackBerries Disappear, iOS Beats Android
Publication / Date: - October 2011
Two recent studies—both compiled before the iPhone 4S launch and BlackBerry outage—show that RIM is losing its grip in the office as users look towards Android and iOS devices.

Android mobes sneak into enterprise pockets
Publication / Date: The Register - October 2011
The last three months provided an unprecedented opportunity for Android devices to get themselves integrated into enterprise systems while the world waited for the iPhone 5, according to the latest figures from Good Technology.

iPad driving massive growth for iOS in enterprise
Publication / Date: ZDNet - October 2011
Despite speculation that iPad 2 sales have been a letdown for Apple, the device is driving growth for iOS in general in the enterprise world.

Report: Apple's iOS maintains lead in mobile enterprise market
Publication / Date: FierceMobileContent - October 2011
Apple's iOS maintained its lead in the mobile enterprise market, with Google's Android gaining marketshare, according to a new report from enterprise mobility company Good Technology.

Good Technology eyes developers, launches Good Dynamics
Publication / Date: ZDNet - October 2011
Good Technology rolls out a mobile software development platform for Apple's iOS to enable more enterprise-grade tablet apps.

Good Technology gives enterprise apps a secure launchpad
Publication / Date: GigaOm - October 2011
Good Technoloy is extending its technology to independent software developers, corporate customers and systems integrators, allowing developers to build apps that can ride on Good Technology's secure platform.

Taking AIM at MDM
Publication / Date: Mobile Enterprise - September 2011
AIM selects Good for Enterprise to support an individual-liable model, giving employees their choice of device, while at the same time reducing costs and ensuring security and management.

In a BYOD world, MDM is not enough
Publication / Date: RCR Wireless - August 2011
The rapid proliferation of user-owned iPhones, iPads and literally hundreds of different Android smartphone and tablet devices is making mobile security a top priority for IT departments.

T-Mobile secures Android phones with Good
Publication / Date: Computerworld - July 2011
T-Mobile is hoping to make it easier for businesses to use Android phones by reselling secure e-mail services from Good Technology.

iPad now an enterprise favorite, says Good Technology
Publication / Date: ITworld - July 2011
Apple tablet being activated by enterprises more than Android smartphones

Guess Which Industry Is Buying iPads Like Crazy
Publication / Date: Business Insider - July 2011
The iPad is still primarily a consumer product, but it's making inroads into businesses as well. Especially in the financial sector.

iPad, iOS adoption heating up the business world
Publication / Date: CNET - July 2011
Both Apple and Android have been capturing more mobile customers in the enterprise arena, but Apple's iOS has been the dominant force thanks to growing demand for the iPad, according to mobile-software provider Good Technology.

iPad moves ahead of Android at corporations
Publication / Date: GIGAOM - July 2011
The iPad is on a tear in the enterprise, and is now being activated more often than Android smartphones, according to the latest data from Good Technology.

Enterprise mobility: Level red
Publication / Date: SC Magazine - June 2011
Security has always been a key issue for organizations, but today's mobile workforce has heightened the issue to a "red alert."

State using app that separates personal, work data on iPhones, Androids
Publication / Date: GCN - June 2011
West Virginia deploys tool that could lead to employees using personal devices on the job.

Why Every IT Department Should Support and Secure Any Mobile Device
Publication / Date: CIO - May 2011
Remember when the only people with cell phones were executives whose companies provided them? Those clunky "car phones" of yore gave way to the ubiquitous personal mobile device. In 1995, just 13% of Americans owned a mobile phone. Now, 96% of Americans own mobile phones, and by the end of this year, 50% will own a smartphone.

The Perils to Productivity
Publication / Date: Wireless Week - May 2011
Smartphones have changed the entire notion of the way we work. Employees work at any hour of the day or night, using their mobile devices for email and calendaring, but also to access corporate Intranets, applications and collaboration tools.

So You Want to Use Your iPhone for Work? Uh-oh.
Publication / Date: Wall Street Journal - April 2011
How the smartest companies are letting employees use their personal gadgets to do their jobs.

Why mobile data encryption doesn’t matter (as much)
Publication / Date: VentureBeat - April 2011
As long as I’ve been involved in enterprise mobility, the overwhelming security focus has been on data encryption: Over-the-air encryption versus at rest encryption; DES versus Triple-DES versus AES; 128-bit AES versus 192-bit AES versus 256-bit AES. You get the picture.

How much does mobile encryption help?
Publication / Date: Fierce CIO - April 2011
Encryption has long been a mainstay of securing mobile data, but that measure assumes that the main threat comes from the outside. Today, however, the main mobile security threat is the user, cautions John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Good Technology, and encryption doesn't counter that threat.

Sprint Joins With Good Technology For Device Management
Publication / Date: Techie Insider - February 2011
As companies have more and more devices to manage, supplying tools to help companies with Android mobile phones and tablet computers is a growing need. Sprint has now announced a partnership with Good Technology to provide those services.

iPad Security: How a Hospital Group Treated Trouble
Publication / Date: Network World - February 2011
Doctors have fallen in love with the Apple iPad, becoming one of the biggest early adopters among professionals. They want iPads for personal use and to get their work done. It's the latter that has healthcare IT staff scrambling to secure the devices.

iPads are Booming in Big Business
Publication / Date: Fortune - January 2011
For most companies, running a business from an iPad isn't yet possible, but the tablet is still taking an unprecedented and rapid hold on enterprise IT.

iPhone, iPad Leading Android in Mobile Enterprise Adoption
Publication / Date: Apple Insider - January 2011
Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology reports iPhone 4 became the leading mobile device among its enterprise customers in the first month following its launch, with iPad helping Apple account for more than half of all its new enterprise device activations this summer.

Global CIO: Apple iOS Crushes Google Android In Enterprise
Publication / Date: Information Week - January 2011
The iPad continued to surge into the enterprise as Q4 activations jumped more than 50%, while Windows Mobile devices dropped out of Top 10, says Good Technology report.

How Many Devices are Enough?
Publication / Date: Network World - January 2011
Finally, there's the availability of third-party products such as those from Good Technology that deliver effective data-leak protection on a range of mobile devices, thus effectively making them equivalent to BlackBerry smartphones from a security perspective.

iPads and Tablets Invade the Enterprise
Publication / Date: Bank Technology News - January 2011
Research from Good Technology, a corporate mobility firm, found that 36 percent of the iPad activations to date have come from financial institutions.