Remote Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management Made Easy

Good for Enterprise provides an easy, secure, and comprehensive way to manage mobile devices. By accessing a universal dashboard through any Web browser, IT administrators can instantly access all smartphones, tablets, laptops and handheld devices in their mobile fleet. This easy, over-the-air device management tool allows for granular and consistent mobile security policy enforcement, and end-to-end visibility for troubleshooting and support. IT can quickly provision new devices, enforce passwords, distribute custom or third-party enterprise applications, and establish role-based policies—from virtually anywhere, anytime. Spend less time managing software and more time protecting business data.

Good for Enterprise manages personally-owned and corporate-issued smartphones and tablets, and is instantly compatible with existing components, servers and mobile devices from most major manufacturers. Good for Enterprise provides visibility through data delivery, simplified operations across different wireless network types, and session resilience between behind-the-firewall applications and mobile devices.

Mobile Device Policy Management

IT departments can control security policies through an easy Web-based console. This console enables IT to access management and security capabilities from virtually anywhere and to enforce consistent policies and compliance requirements across device types. In addition, the console minimizes troubleshooting and supports costs with complete, real-time visibility including hardware type and version, software versions, handheld detailed information and even handheld radio status. IT spends less time managing desktop software and mobile devices while users spend more time connected and productive.

Good's policy-set/user group matrix model allows IT the greatest amount of flexibility in setting up groups and policies that meet the needs of any device on any enterprise network. Policies include setting of password, access to applications, data encryption, device features, remote device lock-down or erase, and compliance management.

Self-Service Mobile Device Management

The Good for Enterprise management tool also contains self-service options that allow IT administrators to delegate routine mobile device management actions to end users, thus lowering deployment and support costs. End users can self-provision and activate new smart devices with an initial authorization PIN, or initiate data wipes—without having to generate an IT support call.

Distribute and Manage Enterprise Applications

Easily distribute and manage enterprise applications—through Good's web-based management tool—to supported OS platforms: iOS and Android. Plus, you have the ability to recommend enterprise applications to employees as a policy setting.