Mobile Government: Secure the Data. Protect Privacy. Increase Productivity

Date & Time: April 18th
Speakers: Chris Roberts, VP of Public Sector at Good Technology
Description: While most agencies focus on device management to keep their mobile workforce productive, today's IT professionals are looking beyond the device to a complete mobile data management solution that delivers protection and control to all information as it travels to and from mobile devices. Join us as we present an informative webinar on the trends in public sector mobile security and the need for state and local governments to implement a comprehensive and secure mobile data platform.

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Protecting Patient Information: Mobile Data Management on Tablets

Date & Time: April 25th & 26th
Speakers: Jeff McGrath, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Good Technology
Description: Physicians are bringing personal BYOD tablets and smartphones into hospitals and clinics to access the patient information they require to speed diagnosis and expedite treatment. Purpose-built equipment is being replaced by mobile devices and specialized applications. Furthermore, the government has raised the bar on industry regulations: to remain compliant with stricter HIPAA requirements, IT departments must now look beyond traditional MDM solutions towards Mobile Data Management. Join us as Jeff McGrath, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Good Technology, presents an informative webinar on protecting information at the app level in healthcare.

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Security in a BYOD Era: Can Forensics Make the Case?

Speakers: Andrew Hoog, Co-founder viaForensics
Brian Robison, Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager at Good Technology
Description: Here's how it happens: an employee brings their favorite iPhone, Android, or tablet to work and inadvertently leaks sensitive emails, engaging in unauthorized file sharing, or leaving their device open to threats of malware. All of these behaviors put you and your enterprise networks under new security pressures. Join us as we cover the basics of sound security policy: how iOS device encryption works, how well it protects device data from theft, and how forensic tools are changing the landscape.

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20/20 Webcast: Regaining Control of Mobile

Speakers: Dr. Nicko van Someren, CTO, GOOD Technology
Dan Kaplan, Executive Editor, SC Magazine
Description: Tablets, mobile phones, laptops are in most every executive’s arsenal of business tools. Protecting these and the information transfers they enable therefore is critical. Challenges, though, abound – especially since many office workers are blurring the lines between their work and personal lives by embracing the BYOD movement. How do companies regain a bit of control on both their critical data and devices that they don’t even own that enable its movement?

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Do BYOD the Right Way

Speakers: Jonathan Feldman, Director of Information Technology Services, Contributing Editor, InformationWeek
John Herrema III, SVP Corporate Strategy, Good Technology
Description: In these days where everyone has a personal smartphone or tablet, more employees are utilizing their own devices to access corporate data. Because of this, enterprises need to adopt mobile, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. This webcast, supported by InformationWeek research, discusses what you need to consider when devising a BYOD model, common characteristics of successful mobility policies, how to support mobility management technologies, and how IT leaders can frame the discussion in terms that make sense for the business, individual employees, and IT.

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Secure Mobile BI: Smart App, Smart Practices, Smart Workforce

Speakers: Suzanne Dickson, VP of Product Marketing, Good Technology
Todd Higgins, VP of Product Marketing, Roambi
Description: Your business intelligence (BI) is too important to remain locked up on a server somewhere. Mobile employees need it to make timely, accurate decisions. But deploying your BI apps to employee-owned mobile devices can test the limits of your enterprise security strategy. Join Good Technology and Roambi for a discussion of the technologies and policies you can use to build enterprise-grade security into your mobile BI applications.

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Enterprise-Grade Security for Cross-Device Mobile Applications

Speakers: Herve Danzelaud VP of Alliances, Good Technology
Rick Hutton VP of Sales, Verivo
Marc Rosenbaum Director of Technical Sales, Verivo
Description: Personal mobile devices in the enterprise are one of the biggest trends and biggest security threats to your mobility strategy. This joint Good Technology and Verivo Software webinar explores the challenges of building secure mobile apps. Learn about the tools, policies, and best practices that businesses are using to address the key security risks to enterprise mobility. See how the Verivo platform— integrated with Good Dynamics technology—makes it easy to build secure mobile apps for all the latest smart phones and tablets.

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Mobile Empowerment - Creating An Environment Where Docs Can Use Their Own Devices

Speakers: John Halamka, M.D., CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Kirk Larson, VP/CIO, Children's Hospital Central California; and Anthony Guerra, Founder/Editor, healthsystemCIO.com
Description: Physicians want to leverage their own devices - whether iPhones, iPads, or Androids - to stay on top of patient health issues. However, the native security services of these platforms are not adequate to prevent data loss nor adequately address HIPAA requirements such as encryption. In addition, trying to separate personal information from work data on a physician's device is next to (but thankfully not) impossible.

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Where does your data go?: Balancing mobile consumerization with data loss prevention

Speaker: Chenxi Wang, Ph.D., Vice President, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, Inc.
Description: Many of today's corporate and government employees prefer to access email, calendars, Wikis, and Intranets on their own iPhones, iPads, or Android-enabled devices. But how do IT administrators respect the freedoms of their employees without compromising the security of their corporate data? Simply managing the devices isn't enough: It's not cost-efficient or completely safe. Today, the most secure companies are the ones that have found a progressive approach to mobile device management—one that allows their employees to have freedom of choice in the phones and tablets they find most productive, and that embraces a data loss prevention strategy that safeguards proprietary information from accidental cloud exposure and consumer-app corruption. Join us for a live Webinar to learn more from Chenxi Wang, Ph.D., Vice President, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, Inc.

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Critical Considerations for Comprehensive Mobile Security

Speaker: John Herrema, Sr VP - Corp Strategy, Good Technology
Description: The mass adoption of smartphones and tablets—combined with the explosion of prosumer mobile applications—has dramatically altered the mobile landscape. These changes have introduced new challenges that enterprises must address to effectively secure and manage enterprise mobility. Watch our 30-minute, on-demand Webinar to learn about the critical security challenges facing today's mobile environment.

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Customer Success Story: Union Bank

Description: Union Bank relies on Good for Enterprise to deliver the security and management IT requires while supporting the devices employees prefer. As newer smartphones such as the Apple iPhone and Android-enabled devices became increasingly popular due to improved Internet browsing, larger screens, and the "cool" factor, the bank’s IT department noticed that more employees were using two devices—one for work and one for their personal lives. "The new devices were so desirable, our employees were willing to pay for their own phones and service," said Steve Chong, Manager of Messaging and Collaboration for Union Bank. Executives then asked Chong to find a secure mobility solution that would run on the new platforms. Hear how Good for Enterprise fills the bill.

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Good for Enterprise - Android

Description: Good for Enterprise™ – Android provides critical security and management features that allow corporate IT to secure and control Android deployments. It delivers corporate email, calendar and contacts with a business-class user experience. With Good for Enterprise – Android, you can rest easy knowing enterprise data is protected with over-the-air and on-device encryption, remote application password policies, and remote wipe of enterprise data across a wide range of Android phones – Motorola Droid, HTC Hero, Droid Eris by HTC and Samsung Moment. Plus you can easily manage and troubleshoot issues with complete visibility of all Android phones and other platforms deployed within your company – all through a simple, web-based management interface.

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Good for Enterprise - iPhone

Description: Consumers and enterprise users have rapidly adopted the iPhone®. Many of these users are putting increasing pressure for corporate IT to provide corporate email access to this popular device. But challenges remain regarding consistent security policies for all iPhone models and ease of management for large deployments. Good for Enterprise™ – iPhone provides critical security and management features that allow corporate IT to secure and control iPhone deployments. Plus you can easily manage and troubleshoot issues with complete visibility of all iPhones deployed within your company – all through a simple, web-based management interface.

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Take Control: Mobility Management for New Mobile Platforms & New Mobile Applications

Description: With the explosion of so many new mobile platforms, the invasion of employee-liable devices into the workplace, and new types of mobile applications available from so many sources, how will your organization cope with the potential mobile chaos? What happens to your sensitive corporate data if one of those devices is lost or stolen? How can you take (remote) control? Listen to Aberdeen present their findings of what best-in-class companies are now managing their mobile platforms.

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