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Mobile Predictions for 2011
Publication / Date: mCommerce Trends - December 2010
Continuing on with our mobile predictions for 2011 series, RCR Unplugged recently spoke with John Herrema of secure mobility outfit, Good Technology on his 2011 predictions.

Apple iPad Popular Among Financial Services Firms
Publication / Date: eWeek - November 2010
Financial services firms proved to be the biggest users of Apple's iPad tablet computer, followed by high-tech and health care sectors, according to a new study by mobile management software provider Good Technology.

Financial Services Leads Way in iPad Adoption
Publication / Date: Enterprise Mobile Today - November 2010
Financial services firms are embracing the iPad in their organizations faster and with more enthusiasm than the next three ranking industries combined, according to a new survey by mobile device management software developer Good Technology.

Healthcare Sector Among Top Adopters of iPad
Publication / Date: Healthcare IT News - November 2010
The healthcare sector is among the top three industries seeing the heaviest adoption of the iPad for business use, according to data from Good Technology, a Redwood City-based provider of multiplatform enterprise mobility.

Health Care Sector Third Readiest Adopter of iPads
Publication / Date: Dot Med News - November 2010
According to Redwood City, Calif.-based IT company Good Technology, health care accounted for around 10.5 percent of iPad adopters, just shy of the high tech industry at 11.4 percent, though significantly behind financial services, at 36.8 percent.

iOS and Android Aren’t Competitors, According to Enterprise Customers
Publication / Date: BNET - November 2010
Good Technology, a mobile platform company, has just released a survey of its 4,000 enterprise customers about iPad use.

Security Threats Mount with Smart Phone Adoption
Publication / Date: RCR Wireless - October 2010
Mobile security has become critical, and is even more important today due to the explosion of smartphone devices based on platforms like Apple's iOS4 and Google's Android Oses.

Putting Employees' Smartphones to Work
Publication / Date: CNET - October 2010
Harrah's Entertainment has been using technology from Good Technology for employees using Apple's iPhone and Google's Android phones to secure the phones and keep personal data and work data separate.

Ignoring RIM, Apple's iPhone OS Dominates Mobile Enterprise Usage
Publication / Date: Wall Street Journal - October 2010
Activations of devices using Apple's iPhone operating system for business far outnumbered those of Windows Mobile, Google’s Android operating system and Nokia's Symbian, according to a report by Good Technology.

iPhone 4, iPad, Android leap in business adoption
Publication / Date: San Francisco Chronicle - October 2010
Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS dominate the new non-BlackBerry installations in enterprises across the globe between July and September 2010, according to Good Technology's tally of what the mobility management vendor's customers are deploying.

iOS and Android Devices Continue Their Assault on Enterprise
Publication / Date: GigaOM - October 2010
While RIM has been a stalwart in the enterprise market, iOS and Android devices are finding fast adoption by corporate customers, according to new figures from Good Technology.

RIM Duels With Droid
Publication / Date: Wall Street Journal - September 2010
John Herrema, senior vice president of Good Technology, which provides security for mobile devices, said that of its 4,000 business customers, 1,100 have rolled out Android. The decision to pick a platform is not being made by the company anymore.

Android, iPhone Spur 43% Enterprise Growth at Good
Publication / Date: eWeek - August 2010
Good Technology has tacked on more than 1,500 enterprise deployments since it began supporting Apple's iPhone and Google Android smartphones in December. That's a 43 percent hike, portending good things for enterprise mobility.

Enterprise Smart Phone Complexity Grows
Publication / Date: CIO Insight - August 2010
Good Technology indicates growing enterprise interest in Apple's iOS and Android-base smart phone platforms. Nearly one fifth of the vendor's enterprise customers are using Good for Enterprise to secure and manage three or more mobile device platforms.

Good Technology Rides Smartphone Wave
Publication / Date: Wireless Week - August 2010
Whether IT managers like it or not, iPhones and Android models are working their way into the enterprise, and Good Technology is seeing the fruits of that growth.

Good Technology Boosts iPhone Security Controls
Publication / Date: CNET - June 2010
Good Technology lets companies manage and secure smart phones that employees are increasingly using for work and play. For many employees, it means they don't have to carry two phones, such as the work-sanctioned BlackBerry and their beloved iPhone, because the corporate data on the device can be protected.

Good Tech software may aid corporate iPhone sales
Publication / Date: Reuters - June 2010
Good Technology rolls out full corporate iPhone support. Supports Apple push into RIM-dominated corporate market. Apple to launch new iPhone model on Thursday.

Good Technology boosts iPhone security controls
Publication / Date: - June 2010
Good adds iPhone Management and Compliance Manager to Good for Enterprise.

Good Technology boosts iPhone security controls
Publication / Date: CNET News - June 2010
AIM Media has been using Good for Enterprise, software and service from Good Technology that lets companies manage and secure smart phones that employees are increasingly using for work and play.

iPhones for BlackBerries at UBS
Publication / Date: Fortune - June 2010
UBS panelists noted it is currently testing software from Good Technology that works with a multitude of devices such as Apple's iPhone, and allows for personal and business content to be accessed in a secure way on a single device.

Mobile Device Security in the Enterprise: Patching Up and Catching Up
Publication / Date: FierceMobileContent - June 2010
Mobile device security has taken on a new dimension as the number of smartphone platforms proliferate in the enterprise market. Yet, according to analysts and security firms, many enterprises are just beginning to wake up to the challenges of implementing device security policies, and awareness is still below where it needs to be.

Global CIO: You Do Allow Work E-mail On iPhones, Right?
Publication / Date: InformationWeek - June 2010
Vanguard's the latest company to let employees use personal smartphones for work. Time to put this on your IT agenda.

Harrah's Transitions To Individual-Liable Smartphone Model
Publication / Date: Mobile Enterprise - May 2010
Harrah's is adding an individual-liable smartphone model. If an employee is approved to get a device, or even if they are not approved, individual-liable model will say they can get any device they want as long as it supports Good Mobile Messaging.

Good Technology at Interop Las Vegas 2010
Publication / Date: - May 2010
Dimitri Volkmann, VP Enterprise Product Management speaks with Rich Tehrani at Interop Las Vegas 2010.

The End of the BlackBerry Elite
Publication / Date: - April 2010
Companies are increasingly allowing workers to use their personal smartphones for work.

Business Customers Eager to Try Apple iPad
Publication / Date: San Franscisco Chronicle - March 2010
Good Technology, which sells secure messaging products for smart phones, is preparing to release an iPad version of its Good for Enterprise product in April.

Good Technology, CEO, Brian Bogosian
Publication / Date: - February 2010
Brian Bogosian, CEO of mobile messaging firm Good Technology, talks about the fragmentation of device platforms, cloud services, and device management.

Good Technology, Noel Sy-Quia
Publication / Date: - February 2010
Noel Sy-Quia-GM South Europe for Good Technology speaks about wireless solutions at the 2010 Mobile World Congress at Barcelona.

Nexus One is "Good" for Business
Publication / Date: PC World - January 2010
Good for Enterprise provides IT administrators with the tools they need to securely integrate the various smartphone platforms into the enterprise--like end-to-end encryption of communications and data, and the ability to remotely erase data and manage password policies.

Google Promises Enterprise Nexus Android Phone
Publication / Date: ZDNet UK - January 2010
Google will offer an enterprise-focused Nexus Android handset through its new web store, Android chief Andy Rubin has said.

Finally, Real Security for iPhone and Android
Publication / Date: InfoWorld - December 2009
Good Technology's new clients give BlackBerry-level security to the two top Web-oriented smartphones.

Army's Go Mobile Puts Big Computing Power Into Soldiers' Pockets
Publication / Date: GCN - December 2009
Good Technology provides the Army with its Good for Government server, which sits behind the firewall in the AKO data center. There it interfaces with AKO's back-end systems, including its messaging platform and directory infrastructure.

As Phones Do More, They Become Targets of Hacking
Publication / Date: New York Times - December 2009
Mobile phones are becoming ever more like personal computers. That means they are also becoming more vulnerable to traditional computer menaces like hackers and viruses. Companies like Good Technology already offer mobile security tools, but their systems are aimed at businesses.

Good Technology Addresses Devices Coming in the Enterprise Back Door
Publication / Date: FierceMobileIT - December 2009
Good Technology announced that its enterprise software will support Apple's iPhone, the Palm Pre and several Android devices--the typical devices that employees want to bring into the enterprise through the back door.

Top 10 Smartphone Advances Of 2009
Publication / Date: InformationWeek - December 2009
For Google, the growing success of Android exposes more users to its ecosystem and potentially to its online advertising juggernaut. Enterprise mobility specialists like Good Technology said there is growing interest from corporations wanting to use Android-powered smartphones.

Hands on with Army Go Mobile Gear
Publication / Date: Defense Systems - December 2009
Smart phones, solar chargers and wireless devices puts AKO portal in soldiers' pockets.

Add-on Security for the iPhone
Publication / Date: BLORGE - December 2009
If there has been a knock on the iPhone over the last couple of years, it has been that it did not offer the same level of security as the RIM Blackberry line, and was thus not as good for corporate applications. There is some relief on that front, due to the release of an iPhone software client from Good Technology.

Good Technology Extends Email to iPhone and Android
Publication / Date: - December 2009
Good Technology has added support for Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platforms to its enterprise mobility suite, allowing organisations to provide email access to users via these increasingly popular handsets.

An Alternative to Research in Motion's Enterprise E-mail? There's An App for That!
Publication / Date: Betanews - December 2009
Good Technology, a long-running provider of mobile e-mail solutions, today debuted its Good for Enterprise iPhone app, which provides secure access to corporate e-mail, calendars and contacts with companies using the Good for Enterprise mobile e-mail solution.

Making Sense of Mobile Management
Publication / Date: InfoWorld - November 2009
As smartphones grow more popular, you'll be under more pressure to manage them. How far should you go?

Is Android Ready for Enterprise Use?
Publication / Date: CNET - November 2009
Android 2.0 is enticing new customers who've never owned a smartphone. But what about business users? With support for corporate e-mails and calendars, Google Android isn't just for consumer users, but some IT managers have raised concerns over the OS's ActiveSync client and its encryption and security.

The Device Dilemma
Publication / Date: Business Management - November 2009
The tug of war between employees' mobile demands and IT's security needs. Employees are increasingly insisting on using their favorite mobile devices for corporate data and applications access regardless of their company's approved platform.

First Look: Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris Are Risky for Business
Publication / Date: InfoWorld - November 2009
The Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Eris proved to be surprisingly good phones but the two new Google Android phones lack basic security capabilities that make them unusable in many business environments.

It's a Free Country...So Why Can't I Pick The Technology I Use In The Office?
Publication / Date: Wall Street Journal - November 2009
Some forward-thinking companies are giving employees more freedom to pick mobile phones, computers and applications for work—in some cases, they're even giving workers allowances to spend on outfitting themselves. The result, they've found, is more-productive employees.

Android vs. iPhone: Business Loses Either Way
Publication / Date: InfoWorld - November 2009
The battle to win users' hearts -- and wallets -- has one clear loser: IT. The smartphone as a class appears to be putting the needs of enterprise users and the IT jockeys laboring to protect enterprise security firmly in the backseat.

AKO 'Go Mobile' to Give Users Virtual Desktop in Backpack
Publication / Date: U.S. Army - October 2009
Users of the "Go Mobile" system will be able to use the Internet and authenticate to the Army Knowledge Online/Defense Knowledge Online Web portal through a smart phone, using cellular data services, just about anywhere in the world they can get a signal.

Empowered consumers are changing business practices
Publication / Date: RCR Wireless - October 2009
As consumers continue to embrace smartphones, businesses are going to have to change some of their practices to continue to satisfy their customers, as well as meet their own employees' needs.

Good For You: Office Mobility in the Palm of Your Hand
Publication / Date: Digital Media Buzz - October 2009
Good Technology is on the fast track to becoming a leader in providing mobile services for individuals on the cutting edge of digital media. California-based Good Technology has developed Good Works to bring mobile capability opportunities to businesses, government and regular users. Good Works is comprised of three components — Good for Enterprise, Good for Government and Good for You.

How to Avoid the Smartphone Exchange Policy Lie
Publication / Date: InfoWorld - September 2009
The recent revelation that Apple's iPhone OS had been falsely reporting to Exchange servers that iPhones and iPod Touches provided on-device encryption when in fact they did not has raised several questions regarding mobile device support for EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) policies -- vital safeguards many businesses employ to secure access to corporate information, whether to meet specific regulations or as a matter of general security prudence.

Enterprises Run to Catch Up with Employee Smart Phone Trends
Publication / Date: Digital Beat - September 2009
Employees are insistent on using the phones they like best regardless of which devices their companies support, according to new research commissioned in the U.S. and U.K. by Good Technology, a provider of technology that allows enterprises to securely run applications on any phone.

Good Technology Aims to Raise Mobile Security
Publication / Date: San Francisco Business Times - September 2009
Good Technology is betting that as business demand for smartphones increases, the need for secure support of varied platforms and devices will follow.

Good Technology Adds Android Support
Publication / Date: Information Week - September 2009
The company will also offer iPhone and Pre support to help companies whose employees use personal devices to access enterprise networks.

Beyond BlackBerry
Publication / Date: - August 2009
BlackBerrys have long been the corporate mobile device of choice. But mobile technology provider Good Technology says corporations are itching to adopt other smart phones like the iPhone, Palm Pre and handsets running Google's Android operating system.

Good Technology Purchases Intercasting
Publication / Date: eWeek - May 2009
Good Technology, which provides mobile e-mail and other products for the enterprise, has acquired Intercasting with an eye toward expanding the reach of its applications further into the mobile space. After being purchased by Motorola in 2007, Good Technology was acquired by Visto in February.

Managing iPhones in the Enterprise
Publication / Date: Business Week - May 2009
With more employees taking their iPhones to work, IT departments are scrambling to figure out a way to manage them. The iPhone, unlike the BlackBerry, started out as a consumer device and still lacks some management and security features that corporations have come to expect from other mobile devices. Now, a number of software companies including Good Technology are stepping in to fill that void.

Good Offers iPhone Management for Enterprise Use
Publication / Date: Macworld - April 2009
Visto is acquiring Good Technology, the company Motorola bought just about two years ago, giving Visto a leg up in its competition against BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM).

Visto Ups Arsenal Against RIM
Publication / Date: Wireless Week - February 2009
Good Technology announced enterprise management support for companywide usage of the iPhone.

Motorola Sells Good Tech So Visto Can Target RIM
Publication / Date: CIO Toiday - February 2009
Motorola is selling Good Technology, which it bought in 2006 to compete with Research in Motion. The buyer is Visto, which also wants to compete with the BlackBerry maker in mobile services. Motorola and Visto didn't announce the terms, but an analyst said Visto faces an uphill battle, especially against Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync.