Article ID: 17957
Date: 13 March 2007

Title: How to Hard Reset a T-Mobile Dash, and HTCS620

Fact: How to Hard Reset a T-Mobile Dash/ HTCS620:

1. Select Start
2. Select Accessories
3. Clear Storage
4. Type in 1234
5. Select Yes

How to Hard Reset a T-Mobile Dash and HTCS620 without the operating system:

Turn the handheld off, hold the two soft keys (the dashes to the left and right of the phone buttons) hold the power button for 1-2 seconds and then release the soft keys. It should prompt you to clear storage. The “send” button is considered as the green phone button.

Additional Information: This is the Hard Reset for a T-Mobile Dash. It has also worked for the HTCS620. The HTCS620 is currently not supported with Good Mobile Messaging 5.0.