Article ID: 17216
Date: 08 October 2004
Updated: 13 May 2005

Title: How to bring the Palm Contacts Back on the Treo 600

Question: How do I bring the Palm Contacts Back on the Treo 600?

IMPORTANT: Once the following procedure is performed, GoodLink will no longer be able to map a hardware button to Good Contacts anymore because the shortcut to Good Contacts will be deleted. WARNING: Currently we do not know how to get a Good Contacts shortcut back into the Application Screen after deleting it (This means that we cannot assign any shortcut buttons to Good Contacts). If one of the hardware buttons was assigned to Good Contacts, it will now be linked to Palm Contacts. The Shortcut on the Phone screen also goes to Palm Contacts. The user will still be able to access their GoodLink Contacts by going to the Good Home Screen.

Answer: From the Applications screen, press the 'menu' button on the keypad, choose 'delete' under the menu 'App', the device will now be in a 'Delete' window that shows a list of apps that are on the device. Select, 'Contacts' and choose 'Delete' on the screen.

Additional Information: This solution is not officially supported and should be considered a workaround. This was tested on version